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Intimate and engaging, the bar is where visitors easily gravitate to sample a wide selection of wines and spirits. Originally an inner courtyard where horses would await their owners' return, the space is now considered one of the world's most beautifully outfitted "Bauernstil" rooms, and is a favorite of distinguished, international travelers. The Goldener Hirsch Bar is the place not to miss during the festival season: the place to see and to be seen!
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    Cocktail Susanne

    The extensive cocktail and fine wine list is marked by the Cocktail "Susanne," the bar's most famous drink. As legend has it, young Susanne patronized the bar in Salzburg with her parents for many years. When her parents indulged in a libation, she would order an orange juice. Later, the renowned bartender Kurti added a bit of Cassis. When Susanne was 13-years-old, tonic water was added, Campari at 16, and vodka at 18. Today it is the "Susanne," and a specialty that regular guests look forward to.